MBS | Maintenance


NT has a climate with high humidity and two seasons, the wet (October to April) and dry season (May to September). There are not many places that will punish your equipment more than Darwin. A good Maintenance team is vital in these conditions.

Maintenance keeps your warranties intact. All manufacturers expect this maintenance to be done and will often require proof that regular maintenance has been performed before they will honor their warranties. Without this maintenance, repairs can become very costly to you.

A well-tuned air conditioner will reduce your energy consumption by ensuring your equipment is running as efficiently as it was designed to.

There are many Australia Standards that require certain aspects of your plant to be frequently checked and maintained, some of these are designed to stop the spread of disease.

MBS technicians are the best in their field. They will identify and suggest corrections for minor issues before they turn into major repairs.

Benefits of Being a Planned Maintenance Customer

When you become a Planned Maintenance Customer, we set up a scheduled maintenance plan that more than pays for itself in advantages:

Reduced Energy Bills

You will know that your equipment is running more efficiently and will naturally result in a reduction of your utility costs.

Minimized Risk of Major Component Failure

Routine maintenance can detect and correct minor issues before they turn into major and costly problems.

Extended Equipment Life

Many heating and cooling systems fail due to neglect, routine maintenance will help your equipment last longer.

Minimize Emergency Service Calls

Routine maintenance lowers the risk of needing emergency service. However, if you do have an emergency, as a Planned Maintenance Customer, you will receive priority service which can be significantly faster during peak service times.

Repair and Purchase Savings

You will receive a preferred customer discount if your system needs repairs or if you need a complete system. You will also receive discounts on our HVAC services!

Ease of Mind

You can relax knowing that MBS has had their highly experienced, professional technicians confirm that your equipment is ready for the next seasonal change.